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Good looks are just the start of the story.

With its smart, modern lines, the all-new Accent says a lot about you and your individual sense of stye. You are very practical and so is Accent because it gives you generous amounts of interior space. It also comes with a choice of engines and six-speed transmissions that are renown for their power, reliability and fuel efficiency. And when it comes to the allimportant issues of safety, Accent is equipped with a wide range of advanced features that deliver comprehensive protection. Inside and out, Accent is a reflection of Hyundai's passion for engineering excellence.

Some lines are made to divide and separate. But some lines unite, like the graceful and powerful lines of the new Accent. Accent has a universal and enduring appeal that cuts across all lines and age groups. Accent unites various design elements into a cohesive, beautiful shape so that everyone can agree: That is great design and that's the power of Accent, giving perfect expression to your own individual sense style.

  • Sporty, aero-sculpted front design
  • Projection headlamps & projection fog lamps
  • 6-airbag system
  • Static bending light
  • Auto cruise control
  • Electronic stability control
  • Hillstart assist control
  • Emergency stop signal

The ordinary transformed into the extraordinary: That's the beauty of Accent as it takes the family car to an entirely new level. It employs the very latest LED and projection technologies on the front lighting package to maximize visibility and make a high-tech statement. Chrome detailing on the front grille and around the fog lamps add a noble touch.

The fun factor.
Driving Accent is meant to be a magical experience. Because every inch of Accent is engineered to put the fun back into driving. With Accent, you can rediscover the pleasure of going for a leisurely drive and exploring new places. Accent is for romantic couples seeking memorable moments to share. Accent is perfect for business because it has the power to transform the daily commute into a small adventure. Above all, Accent is practical: It's surprisingly spacious and offers loads of cargo space, handy for those long family trips. And when it comes to performance and safety, Accent checks all the boxes, leaving nothing to be desired.

From the moment you step inside Accent, you experience that wonderful feeling of being well-protected. More than a feeling, it’s a fact. Accent protects you and your loved ones with some of the most advanced safety technologies available in the automotive industry today.

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