Available only on 2018 Tucson, Creta and Elantra Models

More and more we live in a connected world. So the technology features we've engineered ensure you'll always have everything you need everywhere you go.

To give motorists the most advanced in-car connectivity experience we have made the Hyundai Smart Display radio standard in the 2018 Tucson, Creta and Elanta.

Featuring Apple CarPlay™ which integrates all the functionality of your smartphone with your vehicle, so you can use your favorite apps, send messages, listen to your favorite music, use navigation and more. And what's really amazing are all the things you can do remotely using Hyundai Blue Link® on your smartphone and smartwatch, like start the car, turn on the air conditioning or heat before you get in and lock or unlock the doors.

*Conditions apply. New Hyundai Car-Smart Display radio offer is effective as of September 1st, 2017 and is available only on Tucson (From the JMD$4,667,000 Price version & up), Creta & Elantra.