Strong where it matters.

Magna Motors Group brings World-class standards of sales and service.

One of the largest vehicle distributors in the Caribbean - over 6,000 vehicles sold in 2016. The most honoured Hyundai distributor in Latin America, winning the "Excellence in Service" award for the post two years. The longest standing Hyundai distributor outside of South Korea- appointed 1977.

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As strong as our steel.

Hyundai is the only auto company With its own steel plant. Using over 50% of advanced high strength steel in all its models, Hyundai guarantees safety and durability. That's why we received five star ratings from the National HighWay Traffic Safety Administration and 82 worldwide awards in 2016.

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A standing ovation.

Industry recognition has resulted in impressive accolades for the Hyundai brand: Most awarded vehicle brand in 2016 with 82 awards. Top ranked for initial duality by JD power & Associates 3 years in row.

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The awards say it all.

Rigorous research & development, technical expertise, and the World's largest production plant, have made Hyundai the best growing vehicle brand in the last decade, accumulating 82 awards in 2016.

4.9 million vehicles sold in 2016. 5th largest vehicle company in the World. 7 technical research facilities worldwide.

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