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    5 Year Warranty

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    Comfortable Interior

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    Six Speed Automatic

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    Sunroof & Moonroof

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    Stylish & Fashionable

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    Energy Efficient

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Live Loud.
Quiet doesn’t get the looks. Quiet doesn’t go viral. Quiet just drowns in a sea of sameness. Don’t drive a quiet car. Live loud. The all-new Veloster.

Life is a stage.
So don’t hide backstage. Drive into the spotlight. With the bold design and the unique driving experience of the Veloster you will make an appearance on every street.

Live on the fast lane.
Drive a car that keeps up with a maximum agile way of life. Because who knows – there might be something extraordinary waiting for you just behind the next turn.

Don’t drown in a sea of sameness.
A sporty coupe comes with two doors. A hatchback comes with four. The Veloster comes with three – to get the best of both worlds. One door on the driver‘s side. Nice. Two doors on the other side. To get everyone on board fast. Now that’s design without compromise.

Make a big appearance.
They say it’s the inside that counts. But if you want to step ahead from the rest you need a car that’s an absolute head-turner. Not just from the inside but also from the outside. You can thank us later.

Take your throne.
Stand out – even while sitting. With an interior design that is 100% focused on the driver. Air conditioning, seat warming, sunroof … you name it. It’s all there. Welcome to your kingdom.

When you go VROOM, go WOW.
Breathtaking. Powerful. Mind-blowing. Words don’t even come close to what it actually feels like driving the new Veloster. The unique agility of how it takes every curve. The satisfying sporty sound when you hit the gas pedal.

All safe everything.
This car won’t just get you all the gazes–it also looks out for you. Equipped with Blind-Spot Collision Warning (BCW) and Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Warning (RCCW) it will always keep you safe and sound in your own motorized realm.

Never lose connection.
The Internet doesn’t pause just because you’re on the road. This is why the all-new Veloster comes with all the bells and whistles: packed with top-of-the-line tech to keep you satisfied and connected on the drive.